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30+ Years


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Marketing, Email & Collaboration, Custom Apps Development, Zoho ONE

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Documentation Connoisseur

Documentation can sometimes be an overlooked aspect to I.T.

We do not find our results complete unless its contained within proper notes, instruction, and yes documentation...the container of our product. 

Call us today to find out why the service is not complete without it.

Friends, neighbors, community...

We at NuneX are guided by our ethics and principals to treat our clients, customers, and each other as our friends, neighbors and fellow community members. Whatever your I.T needs are, we're dedicated to Making I.T. Happen. So you can feel rest assured that we'll be approachable, empathetic, good-natured and kind (especially if there is coffee involved).

Lifelong Learners

We don't know everything, but that doesn't keep us from trying! Here at NuneX we stay on the technological forefront, always learning and studying the cutting edge, from the latest cyber security threats, the newest hardware, and to the frontier of the A.I. age. The tech world doesn't stand still and neither does NuneX.

Processing Pals & 
Computing Companions!

We not only value our clients, but our team as well. NuneX is more than just a company. We are a family. We believe that the only way to truly achieve success is by working together. The success of one, results in the success of many. This approach to our problem solving has created a warm, friendly, and inclusive environment that encourages the ideas of everyone. The incredible teamwork of our team has resulted in outstanding results for our clients, and has made everyone feel welcome, and feel part of our NuneX family.