Back to School (BTS) Application                   

Considering the ongoing and progressing health threats posed by COVID-19 and its variants, NeXus Cloud Solutions has an affordable and scalable solution to assist schools, districts, and educational entities help determine safe entry for Students, Staff, and Visitors including anyone needing to conduct business, operations, and support services at these critical facilities of learning. Our cloud-based BackToSchool (BTS) solution can be customized to fit most school entity requirements, settings, policies, and ever-changing state educational mandates. It functions on cloud based technologies that easily runs on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices that operate on Microsoft Windows, Google's ANDROID and Apple's iOS.

Our BTS solution operates in English, Spanish, Navajo, or any preferred language required to support the communities the educational entity serves. 

NuneX Enterprises LLC dba NeXus Cloud Solutions has State Contract Vehicles and various financing options so you can focus on safety without breaking your budget.

Please contact our Sales Team at 877-504-5445 or 505-305-4323 for more information on how we can help you achieve a safe work and learning environment by utilizing our software application modules built on proven cloud technologies.

The BTS product capabilities and key features can be seen by the YouTube videos links below Certification Pending